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Established June 25th, 1997

We've always been.. Proud to be an American Company, Through and Through. We Respect and Welcome Cultural Diversity at our Core!

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To connect to Bricker-Tunis Furs' Small Business Server 2003 Remote Web Workplace:

1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to

2. Click "Remote Web Workplace". If a security warning pops up, answer "Yes" to continue.


3. Type in your User ID and password:


4. Then, click "Log On"

5. Click "Connect to Client Desktops"


6. Select "BTFPC01" and then click "Connect" to continue.


7. Now, Enter your User ID and Password to sign on to Sylvia's PC.

8. For as long as you are connected, Sylvia will be blocked from using her PC at the Monitor session. Remember to use Start | Log Off when you are done. If you don't, Sylvia will not be able to sign back on and use her PC after you close your session.


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