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If you are unable to connect to a Terminal Server from a PC, try this first:

1. Download this file to your PC's desktop.

2. Extract it to the desktop. When you extract the file, it will contain a file named "RemoveTSKey.reg" and this is the required file for step 3.

3. Double click the RemoveTSKey.reg file.

When it asks if you want to add the information, click "Yes" to continue.

4. Now, try connecting again. You should be instantly Golden.


If you cannot save or open the file, try this:

Open notepad and paste this into the text editor:

===Copy from below this line======

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



===Copy from above this line======

Save the file somewhere and name it whatever you want. Go to the place you saved it, and rename it to "RemoveTSKey.reg". Then, go back to step 3. Double click it and it will do the same thing.

This problem is a known Microsoft issue, discussed here:




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