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Spyware is a huge waste of human resources on so many levels. It's maddening that individuals and companies engage in the installation of software on your PC that is designed to collect or transmit personal information about you for advertising - anonymous or not.

That's not the point - nobody should be able to install software for advertising that eats up resources on your equipment without being beaten severely about the face and head. That's just one man's opinion. Most real Spyware is illegal and just goes unenforced and unprosecuted because the perpetrators are outside of the jurisdiction of law enforcement in your locality.

Here are a few resources for helping you remove Viruses, Trojan Horses, Malware, Spyware and other ridiculous things.

Maintenance Checklist

Don't forget - do ALL of your Windows Updates. Hackers don't care if YOU don't use a program that's on your PC, they will use it if it is unpatched on your PC. So, Critical, Optional, Software, Hardware - do them ALL. Often.

There are many other resources - start with these, and attempt an online scan so you can figure out the name of the infection. That will go a long way toward curing it by googling for solutions.


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