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Established June 25th, 1997

We've always been.. Proud to be an American Company, Through and Through. We Respect and Welcome Cultural Diversity at our Core!

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About RT Software Systems

What We Do:

Founded in 1996, RT Software Systems is a Network and PC Support company specializing in small to medium size business networks and home office networks. 

We support networked and stand alone PC's, workstations and servers. Here is a partial list of the services we provide:

q       We connect PCís to each other to create small business networks so files and printers can be shared

q       We connect multiple PCís to the Internet using only one Internet connection

q       We make it possible for these small networks to be reached remotely for support through the Internet Ė which makes your equipment less expensive to support

q       We configure and maintain servers

q       We configure and maintain workstations

q       We correct problems with Windows Software on servers and workstations that are locking up and freezing

q       We install and configure new software on new or old servers and workstations

q       We install and configure new hardware

q       We troubleshoot networks that are misbehaving (locking, freezing, losing data)

q       We install and configure backup software and hardware

q       We install bigger hard drives and move the old data to them so you donít have to reinstall all of your programs

q       We install more RAM and other system upgrades

q       We correct problems with Internet connections

q       We are experts at installing Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home and Windows 2000 Professional (excellent medicine for ailing and misbehaving PCís.) These OSís breathe new life into relatively old equipment.

q       We upgrade software on servers

q       We upgrade software on workstations

q       We provide user support for networks or standalone workstations

q       We install, configure and support email servers, web servers and database servers

q       We install, configure and support Internet firewalls

q       We create custom programs in Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Visio, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Outlook, Exchange and other software packages

q       We can sell you new hardware and/or software, or we can help you buy the equipment from sources you choose (assisted integration)

q       We do much more than can be listed right here. Basically, if itís broke, we fix it, or help you find someone that can.


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