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Press Release:

December 13th, 2006 – Berkley, Michigan

RT Software Systems Inc., a Michigan IT Services and Network Consulting Company founded in 1997, today announced the purchase of a 2800 square foot facility in Berkley, MI that will be transformed into a World Class Data Center.

The facility will feature heavy duty electrical service, standby power generation systems, redundant Internet connections, environmental / video / access / security and uptime monitoring systems as well as other features found only in World Class Data Centers worldwide.

The operation will be used to provide global clients with a host of services, including but not limited to Offsite Data Backup Storage, Application Hosting, e-Commerce Payment Processing, Mail Hosting, Web Hosting, Systems Monitoring and Comprehensive Business Continuity Services (Warm Online Redundant Business Servers for clients with high uptime, mission-critical needs.)

The facility is located at 3811 West 12 Mile Road in Berkley and the scheduled commencement of operations will be in the second quarter of 2007.

Ed Steele, President of RT Software Systems, says:

“This is an exciting opportunity for us and we are happy to be building this facility in the City of Berkley. We are approaching our tenth year in business, and this Data Center will allow us to support our ever-growing list of clients who are seeking a better way to protect their business operations during times of equipment failure, power outage or connectivity interruptions at their own sites.

A data center such as the one we are building will allow clients to maintain redundant, running servers and data that can be used to do their business in the event that their main servers are unavailable for any reason. This, among other services, is what RT has identified as a growth area for our service business, and a pressure point for our clients.

Too many clients are clinging to a box of backup tapes as their only insurance against an equipment failure. We will seek to provide a much better safety net for those businesses who would lose significant revenue if their own IT department had to recover from a failure by reloading from a tape - a process that can take many hours and cost many thousands of dollars in lost opportunities because the 'gears are not turning' while the systems are being recovered. The worst time to be thinking about business continuity is after a fire, a flood or some disaster that wipes out paperwork and / or data at a client site. We want clients to think about Services Redundancy in the same way they think about their business insurance policies.”

For more information concerning this project or to inquire about Mission Critical Redundancy please direct all inquiries to Ed Steele at 248-229-3880 or


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